Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas

I love Landon's smile in this picture

I love Matthew's smile in this picture.

Matthew with his cousin Eve. They are 4 months apart. She loved to hold on to him, and he wasn't quite sure.

Me & my Sisters and Mom at the Annual Proctor Chocolate party. We all make something to bring to be dipped in chocolate. I love this tradition a little too much. I eat too much of the chocolate.

Me and the boys at the City light exhibit. It was very cold, but we lasted for 45 minutes.

Matthew and Daddy on Christmas Eve.

Matthew and Santa.

Landon and Santa.

Christmas baby.

Landon and I decorated a gingerbread house.

We have had such a fun Christmas, and hate to see it end. Landon keeps asking if Santa is going to come again "tonight" every day. We were able to visit all of our family and have some fun. Landon got to play with all of his cousins (except Caiden). We can't wait for next Christmas! This year has brought some trials and a lot of blessings. We are thankful for them all.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Doesn't he look cute?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mommy's Little helper

Landon has started helping me empty the dishwasher. He loves to do it. Sometime when he can see into the drawer I guess I'll teach him about how to put them in the drawer in an orderly fashion.

These next pictures are from my phone, so a little fuzzy. I love this one. Landon and Matthew woke up in happy moods, and Landon wanted to rock Matthew in the rocking chair.

Matthew has torticollis/plagiocephaly. Which means he has a shorter muscle in his neck which makes it so he tilts his head to one side and doesn't look 90 degrees in the other. This then causes him to get a flat head. We are happy that our insurance company authorized him to get a helmet. He will wear the helmet for about 2-3 months for 23 hours a day, and after that his head will be normal shaped again. We went to get a cast made of his head so they can make the helmet. He didn't love getting a cast made of his head, but he wasn't too concerned about it. Clint's cousin Leno said Matthew might as well learn to wear a helmet because in about 20 years he'll need one when he plays on BYU's football team.