Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lucky the Leprechaun

Last night over dinner Landon was telling Matthew that he didn't believe in leprechauns, but he still likes them. We asked him what he liked about them and he said he likes their green hats. Ha, Ha.

Corbin loves clementine oranges. I had a box of them down low while I was unloading groceries. He was able to get one out of the bag and start eating it.
Our new house is coming along. The boys LOVE playing in the dirt and adding to their rock collections. They each of a little spot set aside at the lot to keep the rocks that they like most.
They decided to play basketball so Matthew got out the basketball shirt that Aunt Martha gave him. Then Landon had to get his shirt from Aunt Martha, but it didn't have numbers so this is what we came up with.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We got a letter from school a couple of months ago about a Chinese Immersion program for 1st grade for Landon. We weren't too sure when we first heard about it, but decided to go to the meeting and then see how we felt. I went to the meeting and was impressed at seeing what kids can learn. My nephew is at another school doing Chinese immersion as well, so we had seen how it was going for him. Landon said he wanted to do it, so we decided to apply and see if he got in. Yesterday we found out he got accepted. He is excited, and we think it will be good for him.