Friday, January 23, 2009

Which way should I point this thing?

The other day, Casey noticed Landon was playing with a spray bottle but didn't think much of it because she thought the sprayer didn't work. Well, you'll see......

Friday, January 2, 2009

We cried the day we took the tree down.

We've had such a fun couple of weeks. . . We made gingerbread cookies

We made gingerbread houses with graham crackers

We ate candy canes and got all messy

For Christmas we got to go to Idaho. Here are Landon and his cousin Caiden on Christmas morning.Landon LOVED Grandma's glasses
Caiden is so cute!

Landon has loved Christmas, and especially Christmas trees. He thinks all the trees that don't have lights on them are broken. When he goes up for bed or a nap he tells the tree Bye Bye. We took our tree down yesterday, and we were a bit sad. Next year Landon won't be as fascinated with the tree and the lights. We've had such fun with Landon this Christmas!