Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our New Toy

We got an AWESOME deal on this piano, so we couldn't pass it up. We think it will be fun for the whole family, even more fun then a rice cooker.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rice Cooker...Who knew?!

Landon has always loved small appliances. Funny huh. Whenever I use one to make dinner he watches it and wants to play with it. We think he likes the lights. Anyway, yesterday I gave in and I let him play with the rice cooker. He played with it for at least a half hour, which is a lot for him. I had to go to the grocery store, but I couldn't get him away from his new toy. I put his shoes and coat on while he was playing with it. He still wouldn't budge. So, I opened the door, because usually when I open the door he comes running and wants to go outside. He wasn't coming, so I was still saying "Come on Landon, let's go to the store." Then I see him come around the corner hefting the entire rice cooker. He wanted to bring it with us. It looked so funny because it was heavy for him. I made him leave it home, and in the car on the way to the grocery store he kept saying "rice". I always heard that you don't need to buy toys because kids play with anything, so now I know they even play with rice cookers.
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Thursday, November 6, 2008

We've Moved!!!

Well, we haven't sold our house yet but we decided to move on over to blogger. Here is a picture from today. Landon got to talk to his favorite aunt Candice, he loved it.