Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our favorite 3 recipes (not) to try at your home

Casey is always looking for yummy, new recipes to try, and we've noticed that there are lots and lots of places to get good suggestions for tasty food. So we decided to roll out our own personal top 3 food combinations to avoid at all cost (Yes, we really have tried all of these, and they were not good)!!

#3 - Garbanzo beans on pizza.

Here's the story behind that one. When Casey makes taco salad and tacos, she adds garbanzo beans and it tastes great. So we thought, hey, why not try the same thing on hamburger pizza. Needless to say, something is lost in the translation from Mexican food to Italian.

#2 - Homeade Italian soda.

One night, I really wanted an Italian soda, but didn't want to run out and find a place that had one, so we thought, why not try to make on instead? Our thought process kind of went like this... "What do we have that could substitute for a soda? Well, we have baking soda, we could try that, vanilla, you know, creme sodas have that, sugar, doesn't everything tastes better with sugar, and of course, water." Hindsight is 20/20, but at the time, it didn't sound so crazy. Casey had a couple of sips and didn't like it, but I drank about half of it, I didn't think it was that bad. But, about an hour later, I didn't feel to well. We decided to retire that one after the first go around.

#1 - Dehydrated eggs and hamburger sausage.

After typing that out, I realize we should have known before we even started that it wasn't going to work. Casey was trying to figure out what to make for dinner today, so I suggested potatoes, sausage, and eggs. The only problem was that we didn't have any sausage or eggs. Casey, being the resourceful cook that she is, remembered that she had seen a recipe for homemade sausage on the internet the other day. It called for pork, but we only had hamburger and figured, pork = hamburger (it doesn't). We also had dehydrated eggs from our food storage and thought that it would work well (Casey had used them before in other recipes and they worked fine). The best way I can describe it is hamburger coated in a kitchen sponge, with a few spices mixed in for good measure, not good.

Now we know (we hope) we're not the only ones who have had good ideas go bad, so let us know about any of your funny or disgusting concoctions.

We realized that the common thread in each of these three adventures was that I (Clint) had come up with the suggestions. Let's just say that the moral of this story is that we are all glad Casey is the cook and I do the dishes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Normal Life

We are back to our normal life, and we like it that way. Landon is getting so big and learning how to talk more and more everyday. He had crazy hair this morning!Clint's mom came and visited us last weekend and we took Landon to a children's museum. Doesn't Clint make a great king!
At the museum they have baby dolls. Landon like to play with them and feed them bottles. He must be getting ready for this summer when he will get to do that at home.
Landon loves to play with play dough. He made some "string cheese" and ate some of it. It is the homemade play dough though, so I know what is in it. He didn't really eat a lot of it, but I think he liked his extra salty treat.