Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stylish Matthew

Here is a photo of Matthew in his favorite shorts. But they look like strange pants, you say. It is a swimming suit that is Landon's. Matthew LOVES to wear it. Our neighbors probably think we are really strange when we let him go on walks outside wearing this. But, at least he likes it right?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Matthew's birthday

We can't believe that 2 years ago our Matthew was this little baby. Now he is a big 2!
He was a bit shy at his birthday party. He didn't love all the attention he was getting.

He is my little helper. I made the mistake of letting Landon crack an egg and Matthew was watching so he had to crack one too. He makes sure we know he is a big boy too.
Both boys enjoy helping me with the dishes.
Matthew fell of the couch and hit his lip on a toy. You can't tell very well, but he has a fat lip in this picture.
Tired, smile for the camera.
We went to a local parade and had a lot of fun. Some nice kids by us made sure our boys got some candy so we got a lot.
Landon did not enjoy the firetruck horns and sirens.
Matthew enjoying the parade.