Friday, June 18, 2010

Matthew's Birthday and Island Park

We went to Island Park with all the Proctors, and somewhere along the way we saw some of the Christensen's. While we were there, we celebrated Matthew's 1st birthday. On the way up we saw Mike, Kelly, Caiden, & Mikayla. Caiden and Landon had so much fun playing Buzz Lightyear.

Matthew got to try out the Rocking horse. He loved it!

Landon liked it too.

Matthew got to open his presents with all of his cousins.

Landon's absolute favorite was riding the 4 wheeler with Daddy. He was always asking if they could go again. He told Clint that we're going to have to get a 4 wheeler sometime.

We took Landon fishing on the river. He thought it was very fun.

Matthew wasn't sure what to think of his birthday cake. He didn't really eat it, and it seemed like he was annoyed my the frosting mess on his hands.

Landon tried smores for the first time, and they were a hit! I tried smores again thinking they would be just as good as I remember, but I was disappointed. Smores don't taste as good as they used to. :)

Landon pretended like he was a bear with the bear rug.

On the way out of town we got to play at Great Grandma Christensen's. She is so cute, and loves to play with the kids. They love her box of old toys.

We had a great time with all the family that we saw. We hope to see everyone else sometime in the near future.