Thursday, May 20, 2010

Zoo and other happenings....

Last week we went to the zoo. We went on a Friday because we figured it would be less crowded. We got there and there were tons of people there, it was field trip day. We noticed kids from at least 5 schools. We still had fun though. During our picnic lunch there was a big rainstorm and all the classes left. We didn't get to ride the train because of the rain, so we were sad about that. Landon didn't really want to take pictures so he isn't smiling in any of them.

This is one tired boy one afternoon a little while after a nap. I guess he didn't get to nap for long enough.

Matthew the daredevil. He climbed on by himself.

We got Landon a big boy bed. He chose the Lightning McQueen one of course. He loves it. We thought it was going to be very hard to get him to stay in it, but so far so good. (Knock on wood) He hasn't gotten out once for the 2 weeks we've had it.

Landon is my little puzzle buddy. I've always like puzzles, so I'm glad to have a buddy that enjoys them too. Of course we did this 100 piece puzzle together, but he does a good job and works to find where the pieces go.

So, anyway, that is some of the things we have been doing lately.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok, so we'll admit it, we have weird phobias. Casey HATES wet bread, I can't stand the thought of sucking on a wet wooden spoon. But guess what we found out? We are not alone. Check out this article. That's the power of Google. So if you think you are the only one who can't stand bellybuttons (Omphalophobia), feet (Podophobia), knees (Genuphobia), or bald people (Peladophobia), think again. If it makes you uneasy, there's probably a phobia named after it.

For those of you that hate getting shots, there's a list a mile long for that one:
Fear of needles or pointed objects (Aichmophobia)
Fear of blood (Hemophobia)
Fear of pain (Agliophobia)
Fear of doctors (Iatrophobia)
Fear of hospitals (Nosocomephobia)
Fear of the color white (Leukophobia).

I found a new one a couple of weeks ago when we were watching one of the episodes of the Amazing Race. For those of you who watch that show, you'll remember the recent road block where they had to make a certain amount of noodles before they could leave. Well, at that road block they had the world's smallest person, Pingping.

I don't know what the deals was, but he kind of freaked me out. I'm sure he's nice and all, but I was glad when they finished that whole section of the race. After the episode finished, I was curious, could there be a phobia about small people?

Sure enough, a quick google found achondroplasiaphobia, the fear of little people.

So, the moral of this story is that I found another benefit of the internet. I found out I may be a bit weird, but at least I'm not the only one.