Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our boys love to have fun! They usually play very well together. Here they are having fun on their semi truck that they convert into a bike. Matthew kept saying "cheese" so his eyes were closed because he was in the middle of saying "cheese"

Matthew is a funny boy. He definitely is his own person. If I had to describe him in one word it would be playful. He loves to play and jump and run and smile. He has recently decided that pants and diapers don't feel very good. He takes them off whenever he gets a chance. Therefore he wears onesies during the day which stops him from taking off the diaper. At night we have to safety pin his jammies closed so that he doesn't take them off. One night last week we forgot the pin. Clint found him in the morning stark naked with a diaper to the side of him, asleep. He slept like that ALL night. Needless to say he was ornery that day probably for his lack of good sleep. Hopefully we don't forget the pin anymore. We have no idea what we will do when it is summer and he doesn't wear jammies that we can safety pin.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Update on us.

At the end of February we went to the free day at the zoo with my good friend Marissa and her family. It was very crowded, and I ended up getting a parking ticket so free day at the zoo actually cost us $30. Next time I think we'll just go on regular zoo day it will be cheaper. :) We did have a great time though!

Landon is about the same size as those apes, and sometimes he acts like one.

Landon and Benson climbing around on the rocks.

Turtle Landon.

Turtle Matthew.

Matthew LOVED the zoo. If you ask him to tell someone about the zoo he will go stand by them and jabber about all the animals he saw. We don't really understand him yet, but he sure does talk alot.

Matthew also LOVES to sing. In church he will take the hymn book away from us so he can have one all to himself and he will sing his little heart out. Last week he entertained a lot of us on Grandpa Parker's karaoke machine. I think he might be a singer like his Dad.

Isaac & Taniel (my brother and his awesome wife) knew that we needed a little cheering up lately and sent us a care package. Here is what Landon did with the packaging.

Matthew loves this hat. He wanted to wear it to the store the other day. We talked him into leaving it in the car while we went in the store. What a funny boy.

Matthew also loves his new (hand me down) pjs from Landon. He loves cars.