Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We are very excited for Thanksgiving and some to play with our family and friends. For FHE tonight we made turkey hats.

Do you like it?

They wouldn't look at the camera.

Matthew just woke up. He is usually so happy when he wakes up even when he has a cold and a new tooth coming in.

Landon fell asleep really good on the way home from playing with Grandma Jana. He slept like this for 2 hours. I'm not sure what they did over there, but whatever it is it wore him out.

Landon LOVES the snow. He wants to play in it as much as he can. Unfortunately it melted, or maybe fortunately. I guess it depends on who you are.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


For family night last week we carved our pumpkin. It was fun, Landon loved seeing our Jack-o-lantern all lit up with the candle. Clint did a good job on his part carving, but as you can tell with my part I got a little to hurried to take out the carved part for one of the eyes and took out the whole thing. :) Oh well.

Of course we had Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat. We couldn't get a good picture of both of them together. Landon wasn't in the mood, I guess he just wanted candy.

This is a good picture of Curious George because it was taken weeks ago when I finished the costume and he wasn't aware he was going to get any candy.

Matthew is the cutest Man/Baby in the yellow hat I've ever seen.

He liked Halloween because he got a lot of attention. I guess other people thought he was the cutest man/baby in the yellow hat also.

Landon happy to be home with a full bag of candy in the pantry.

A nice older lady in our ward gave me this outfit/pajamas for Matthew. It is girly, but I had to take a picture of him in it. The tag said it was for boy/girl 3 - 6 months. HA. Pretty much anything that can be for a girl is girly. I still think he looks cute even though he may be a little girly. When he is older and sees this picture I will tell him he only wore it to bed, which is true. :)