Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yep thats PURPLE sand

Landon loves playing in the dirt. Everywhere we go he is looking for dirt. We went to the library a few weeks ago and the line was long, so I took the kids outside and Clint got our books. Landon of course found some dirt to play in right by the door. He was having a great time until we wanted to leave. I decided we should have some kind of dirt at our house. Even though we don't have much of a yard. So, off we went to walmart to get a sand box. They only had colored sand. Landon chose purple, probably because he knew it was my favorite color. They also had blue and green. He has LOVED having a sand box. It is small, but that is good so we can bring it in the house. Any chance he gets he wants to play with the sand. Kind of crazy that it is purple, but it makes it so we can see better where to clean it up. :)

Our conversation from the other day.

Landon: "Mom, what are you doing?"

Me: Making muffins, what are you doing?

Landon: "Oh, just eaten brown sugar."

I love that he did not even think that he shouldn't have climbed up on the bar stool to reach the brown sugar. He loves that brown sugar. :)

Everyone who reads our blog probably knows about my upcoming Radioactive Iodine treatments. I was supposed to be in isolation this week. My Doctor says I'm not ready yet. I will have a blood test again in two weeks and then I should be ready.