Thursday, August 27, 2009


August is almost over, we can't believe it. Matthew is our little smiler. He smiles so easy. He is a great baby, we love having him in our home.

The other day I decided we needed some fun. So, while Matthew was asleep Landon and I made paper sailboats and a little pond to blow the sailboats across. It only took about 3 seconds for the sailboats to turn into really wet paper, so before I knew it, Landon was getting his feet a little wet.

Then, the next thing I know Landon is going "swimming"

So, I decided if he was going swimming he might as well get his swimming suit on. He had a great time and was very sad when I put the "pool" away. I did move it down to the floor as well.

This past weekend we went up to Island park with all my family. I was bad though, I didn't take one picture. I got 2 videos, one of my nephew William singing zip a dee do da, and one of Clint and Landon riding the 4 wheeler. Landon kept saying we were going to the country to see a real moose. It was funny, he really gets into Curious George. We just missed seeing the real moose, but we saw 2 elk. We had a great time up there, it was nice to get away to the country.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Matthew's blessing

Matthew was blessed this Sunday, and we were pleased that a lot of our family came to see. We had a good Sunday. Matthew looked very cute in his blessing outfit. He screamed during the whole blessing, but we could still hear Clint, so that is good.


Eve, with her big smile. It is so easy to get her to smile.

Matthew is starting to smile as well.

We got Landon a Curious George for his birthday. He loves to give it hugs and kisses.

Landon made an airplane with my measuring cups.