Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Clint

Matthew has had his helmet now for 7 weeks. The Doctor said he'll probably have to wear it for another 5 weeks. We have noticed big changes in his head shape, but the other thing we've noticed is that hair grows fast in 7 weeks. . . . He will definitely need a haircut when he is out of the helmet.

Look at the long hair, and it will only get longer. :)

We celebrated Clint's birthday this week. He got a chocolate pudding trifle cake. It is huge. We've only ate a little bit even a few days later. If you want some stop on by. :)

Landon was SOOOOO excited for Clint's birthday. He watched for him at the window all day. When Clint finally did get home Landon waited by the door impatiently. The first words he could say were Dad, those are your presents. Clint got them and Landon opened them as fast as he could. Ha. Little kids make birthday's so much more fun. We had a great party. Happy Birthday Clint!

Our birthday activity: attaching balloons to Landon's diaper while he ran around the room.

Matthew has turned into quite the funny kid. The other day he wanted to play with the balloon ribbon. He just kept it in his mouth forever. He would crawl around and the balloon would follow him.
Silly boy!