Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Vacation

We had the great opportunity to go on vacation with Clints mom and brother and his family (Todd & Vanessa). We had a wonderful time and wish that vacations didn't go by so fast. We went to the beach, Disneyland, & California Adventure. Here are a few of the pictures:

The boys on the airplane. They had fun flying, but I think Landon's favorite part was the moving walkway at the airport.

Matthew is the kid who eats everything. Here he is after he tried some sand.

Landon has been excited for weeks about driving the cars at Disneyland. After the first ride he cried when it ended and said he wanted to go again. I think we rode it 4 times in a row. Good thing there wasn't a line for this ride.

Landon wasn't quite sure about meeting the characters. His cousins were excited to see them all, and we think he took their lead and jumped in to meet them as well. After he met Whinnie the Pooh, he said: "Mom, why do those mans dress up in costumes." He knew they weren't real, but he would want to see them all by himself. Funny boy. Ariel told Landon he was handsome. By the look on his face it seems he was quite taken with her as well.

Right before we left we went to Downtown Disney to look around. Landon saw the giant lego and wanted a picture taken by it. This is his pose that he came up with. We're not really sure where he got that from, but he sure is a silly kid.
We're already planning our next vacation. Too bad we have to save for it. :)