Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day and other happenings. . .

On Valentines Day we had pink pancakes. I saw a recipe online that suggested using pureed beets to make pancakes pink. They said you could not tell that the beets were added, so I decided to give it a try knowing my boys would like it. The recipe was right, you could not tell there were beets in them, and Landon & Matthew liked having a special breakfast.

Later that day we decorated sugar cookies. You'll notice that ours are frosted with green frosting. I ran out of red food coloring, and didn't feel like trying beets to color the frosting. So, we used green. Matthew enjoyed the frosting. I don't think he did anything except eat frosting.

Landon decorated his cookie like any 3 year old would by putting on as many candy hearts as he could.

Clint surprised us all with fruit and chocolate dipping. It was very delicious.

Landon recently started primary. He got some scriptures and picked out some fabric for me to make him a scripture bag. He is the cutest little sunbeam and enjoys going each week after the initial scare that he doesn't want to go he does fine. We had some hand me downs that I just recently went through and found a suit coat in size 4. Landon insisted he wear it to church. It was big, but he sure looked handsome.

One time when my sister Michelle was little she decided to put on all the clothes that she owned at once. I was telling Landon about this and he decided he was going to do that too. He got 3 shirts and a jacket and then gave up.

Matthew likes Landon's underwear. It has all his favorite characters on it from Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen, and Mr. Incredible. When I do laundry Matthew finds the underwear and puts it on. He then runs around the house being a super hero. It is pretty funny to see. Landon decided to join him this day. Funny boys.

Here is Landon holding his newest cousin Ella. On the way out of the hospital from seeing her he declared it was his favorite thing to hold her and that "In fact, I want to go up there again right now." (Can't really see Ella's face in this picture. oops)

What can we say Matthew likes superheros already. He will also wear this cape and run very fast around the house for hours.