Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our little puppy. . .

This morning Clint took the garbage sack out of the garbage can and put the bag by the back door. He was planning on taking it out with him a few minutes later when he left for a meeting. Meanwhile, I was in the bathroom getting ready for church, and Clint went upstairs for a minute. I hear Clint come back down and ask Matthew what he was doing. Matthew was taking garbage out of the sack and spilled some gravy on the floor. Clint was a little annoyed because Matthew was making a mess, then Clint said "Matthew, what are you, the family dog?" Matthew obviously understand the word dog because he gave a little bark in response to the question. It broke the tension and we all had a good laugh. What a funny little puppy we have. :) He is also good and mooing and roaring like a dinosaur.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We made a recent trip to Wheeler farm. It is fun, entertaining and free which is three of our favorite things. :) Matthew was very tired when we got there, but he loved to look at all the animals.

Landon loved getting on the real tractor.

Clint & Landon & Matthew on the tractor.

Casey, Landon & Matthew posing in a little playhouse.

Can you tell he ate something yummy? I think this time it was hot chocolate.

We had a BYU party with the cousins. We had a great time. Here is Bridger and Matthew. These are both classic looks that I get from both of them. What cute boys.

Cute cousins, Carlie, Matthew, and Jadyn.

Landon got a new shirt. He likes it when people make comments about it. We saw a friend at the store and she didn't say anything about his cool planet shirt, and he was sad.

This is just a funny picture of Matthew. We all feel like this sometimes don't we?