Friday, January 27, 2012

Corbin Dale

He's here! We all love him!
Since Matthew was born so fast we were really worried about making it to the hospital in time. I was having contractions a few days before he was born and they were 3-5 minutes apart for a couple of hours, so we went to the hospital, but apparently it was early labor because I was only dialated to a 3 so I got sent home. Early Wednesday morning I woke up to consistent contractions again so we went to the hospital. We had the same nurse that we had had on Sunday. I was then dialated to a 3.5, but having consistent contractions. She called the Dr on call because our Dr was out of town. He decided to keep me because of my fast labor with Matthew. After they decided this my contractions slowed down so they had to give me pitocin to keep me in labor. Kind of funny, we were so worried about making it in time and it turned out to be my longest labor. 12.5 hours. I was so happy to see Corbin when he was born he looked a little like both of his brothers. He weighed 6 lbs, 8 oz. and was 20 inches long.
We are adjusting to having 3 kids, and we are very thankful to have each of them.

Proud BIG brothers!
We taught Matthew and Landon that they need to put hand sanitizer on if they want to touch Corbin. Matthew calls it hanitizer. He puts it on and says "I member, I need hanitizer." When Corbin is crying Matthew will come over and say "Its okay Corbin, I your big brother."
Landon also put on hand sanitizer, and we told them not to touch his face, but they could touch his hair. So for awhile everytime Landon touched Corbin he rubbed hand sanitizer in his hair. Corbins head smelled like hand sanitizer. :) Now Landon makes sure his hands are dry. :)
We thought we wanted a girl, but we are glad that Heavenly Father is in charge and sends us what we need. He knows us better than we do. We are grateful for our 3 boys.

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bhw said...

Congratulations! Looks like a wonderful addition to your family.
The Woolleys